D&K’s Studio Owners Reserve the right to limit all class sizes.  Once a class is “maxed” the class will be closed.

 Dance Style Descriptions
Petites:  A fun, jazz based introduction for our younger dancers.  Class includes creative movement, coordination activites and jazz styled dance.
Minis: Jazz/ballet combo warmups.  Jazz based dance and across the floor combinations and basic traveling skills are introduced.
Ballet/Pointe:  Barre and center work, progressions and choreographed dances that enrich the movements of classical ballet.  Students interested in Pointe must have a couple yrs. of ballet training as we prepare to learn to dance "on our toes".
Jazz:  Dance style that focus on technical skills thru the use of center and progression work.  The older student will work on extension work, leaps and turns.
Tap:  A style of dance built on rhythm and musicality but using the sound from the heels and toes of a dancers shoes.
Hip Hop:  Dynamic class that provides students with the latest, cutting edge choreography. 
Lyrical:  A modern dance form which fuses jazz and ballet.  Often referred to as contemporary dance.  Moves can require precision and strong technique to perform as well as  expression in the face and body.

Please note, dancers progress at different speeds, rates and times.
Please do not ask to be placed with friends.
Being professionals, we will do whats best for each individual dancer.

2018/2019 HUGHESVILLE Fall Schedule
Classes begin:  Thursday, Sept.  6th

***D&K's Studio follows the East Lycoming & Lewisburg School District's WEATHER related school closings.  Early Dismissals and full day closings due to WEATHER, D&K's Studio will also be closed.  Always call if unsure.
Studio  1


4:30-5:15  Teen Hip Hop II
5:15-6:15  Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary I
6:15-7:00  Teen Tap 
7:00-7:45  Senior Tap 


4:30-5:15  Petites
5:15-6:15  Minis Jazz & Tap Combo I  
6:15-7:00  Kids Musical Theater
7:00-7:45  Kids Hip Hop II


4:30-5:30  Mini's Tap & Jazz Combo II
5:30-6:30  Kids Jazz I
6:30-7:15  Teen Hip Hop
7:15-8:00  Kids Tap II


4:30-5:15  Petites  
5:15-6:15  Mini's Ballet & Jazz Combo
6:15-6:45  Kids Hip Hop

7:30-8:15  Teen Musical Theater


Studio  2

4:30-5:15  Ballet I 
5:15-6:00  Sr. Acro
6:00-6:45  Tween Hip Hop

7:45-8:30  Senior Hip Hop 

4:30-5:15  Kids Acro I
5:15-6:00  Jr. Kids Acro II
6:00-6:45  Sr. Musical Theater
6:45-7:45  Ballet Technique/Across the Floor
7:45-8:45  Jazz/Lyrical III

4:45-5:30  Kids Tap I
5:30-6:30  Kids Jazz II
6:30-7:15  Kids Ballet I
7:15-8:00  Adult Jazz
8:00-8:30  Adult Tap

4:45-5:30  Ballet II
5:30-6:00  Pointe
6:00-6:45  Sr. Ballet
6:45-7:30  Improvisation
7:30-8:30  Senior Level Jazz/Lyrical

5:00-6:15  Competitive Dance Team
* Invitation only 
* In order to participate in pointe class, you must also participate in a ballet class.
**Musical Theater classes are Jazz based. Please be advised you may be asked to enroll in another dance class to participate.  (Jazz is preferred)