Please note, dancers progress at different speeds, rates and times.
Please do not ask to be placed with friends.
Being professionals, we will do whats best for each individual dancer.

2018/2019 LEWISBURG Fall Schedule
Classes begin:  Thursday, Sept.  6th

***D&K's Studio follows the East Lycoming & Lewisburg School District's WEATHER related school closings.  Early Dismissals and full day closings due to WEATHER, D&K's Studio will also be closed.  Always call if unsure.


4:30-5:15  Musical Theater (K, 1st & 2nd) **Must also be in a jazz class
5:15-6:00  Mini's Tap & Jazz Combo (kindergarten - 1st grade)
6:00-6:45  Jr. Kids Acro (1st-6th grade)
6:45-7:45  Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary Combo class (2nd-4th grade)
7:45-8:30  Hip Hop (2nd-4th)


4:30-5:15  Ballet (5th-7th grade)
5:15-6:00  Hip Hop (5th-7th grade) 
6:00-6:45  Beginner Tap (2nd-6th)
6:45-7:30  Sr. Ballet (8th grade and up)
7:30-8:30  Teen/Senior Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary Combo class (8th grade and up)


4:30-5:15  Ballet (1st-4th)
5:15-6:15  Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary Combo class (5th-7th grade)
6:15-7:00  Musical Theater (5th-7th)
7:00-7:45  Pointe
7:45-8:30  Sr. Musical Theater (8th grade and up)


5:15-6:00  Petites (3-5)
6:00-6:45  Tap (7th-12th)
6:45-7:30  Teen/Sr. Hip Hop (8th grade and up)
7:30-8:15  Adult Jazz Class