2021 Summer Dance




430-515  Kids open class (2nd-6th grade)

515-615  Acro

615-715  Sr. Competition (Hughesville team)

715-815  Sr. Ballet (10th and up)

815-915  Sr. Jazz/Contemporary (10th and up)


430-515  Petites/Minis Summer fun (Pre-k/1st grade)

515-600  Ballet (6th-9th)

600-700  Jazz/Contemporary (6th-9th)

700-800  Jr. Competition (Hughesville team)


530-630  The Floor (7th and up)

630-715  Hip Hop (7th and up)

730-830  Heels Class (8th and up)

**PLEASE NOTE...First two weeks will be held at the Lewisburg Studio and the last two at Hughesville!

4 Week Schedule:  June 22nd - July 15th