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Class Levels ...

Ages 3-5.  This jazz based class is designed to work on a warmup, traveling steps, hand/foot coordination drills, across the floor combinations and listening skills. 
Mini Combo      
Ages 4-6.  The next class after Petites continues to work on and expand lessons learned in Petites.  The class time is split between two styles of dance either jazz & tap or ballet and jazz.

Ages Kindergarten and up.  These classes are designed to develop rhythms, styles and sounds - working on coordination and speed of movements.  As students move through levels, they work on producing clear sounds, precision & proper tap technique.

Hip Hop
Ages first grade and up.  Hip hop is a high energy class that features the latest styles of street dance.  Class features a cardio warmup, freestyle opportunities and floor work.  Hip hop also woks on improving the students strength and stamina.

All ages.  Students in all levels of ballet will learn technique and terminology.  Each class includes barre exercises, center, floor work and across the floor combinations.

Musical Theater
Ages 8 and up. 
Prerequisite Jazz.  Musical theater classes focus on gaining confidence in performance in all genre's - dance, public speaking, acting and more.  Students focus on Broadway jazz style show tune choreography but also spend time learning performance skills telling stories through dance, facial expressions, skits and more.

All ages.  A great style for all dancers.  Jazz is one of the most classic forms of dance that continues to be a favorite for many.  Class consists of high energy and uses smooth movements and isolations 
throughout its warmup, progressions, technique and combinations.

Contemporary (And Lyrical)

Considered one of the most popular styles of dance currently, it is the merging of many styles of dance (ballet, lyrical, modern & jazz).  The style focuses on movement, expression, contraction/release and breathing.


Ages 12 and up.  
Prerequisite Ballet and teacher permission.  Pointe is offered to those students who have trained in ballet and who have developed the strength and technique associated with pointe.  The class also includes barre and center work.

Competitive Dance Team
D&K's Studio requires all of its team members to be involved in weekly classes, in addition to their regularly scheduled team practice.  All members are required to have regular attendance in their ballet, jazz & lyrical classes.  The team is involved in performance opportunities and yearly dance conventions and competitions.  We have an active parent group who helps to fundraise and offset additional expenses.  In June of 2019, D&K's Comp Team will be headed to perform at Walt Disney World.


Ages 6 and up.  This class is designed to help dancers with balance, flexibility and strength.  Students work on various floor skills at their own level from forward rolls to cartwheels to limbers and handsprings.


Ages 12 and up.  Improv is designed for the older student who is ready to explore the next creative level.  The class works on partnering as well as individual exploration of movement through dance and space.  Improv allows for the dancer to find freedom from within.

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